Senior Jamilyn Kinney ‘Heartbeat’ Of Lady Pointers

VAN BUREN (KFSM)--The driving force for Van Buren is Jamilyn Kinney. The senior has made an immediate impact on the program since joining the team.

"Since day one, as a freshman, she's put us in opportunities to win every game we've been in," said Van Buren Coach Chris Bryant her claim to fame is she makes others better."

Kinney has been a force offensively for four years, checking in at number-two on the Lady Pointers' all-time scoring list, with more than 1,300 career points.

"Once she crosses half court it puts a lot of pressure on the defense," said Bryant. "Forces team's that play us to try to scheme to get the ball out of her hands. That's the ultimate compliment is when your opponents do not want to ball in your hand."

But this season, Kinney has expanded her talents defensively. Leading the team in steals and deflections.

"His emphasis with me this year has been defense," said Kinney. "Just playing harder on both ends of the court."

But, arguably the area the future Belmont Bruin has improved upon the most is her leadership skills, guiding Van Buren on and off the court.

"We actually talked about it," said Kinney. "Being a more vocal be more of a leader out there because they are going to look up to you. I have kind of taken that as a challenge in the role in this team."

Chris Bryant agrees that Kinney has progressed in her leadership on the team.

"We have seen the development as a leader," said Bryant. "And really someone on the team that can not only handle whatever comes her way on the floor, but manage our team gives us opportunities to be successful on and off the floor."