Family Seeks Criminal Charges For Driver Who Hit And Killed Mother

ALMA (KFSM) -- Sisters Lisa Willis and Stacy Vaught recently visited a marker along Highway 64 in Alma where their mother 70-year-old Sandra Wagner was struck and killed by a driver in February of 2017. The pair marked the area with a cross and pink roses.

"She had grandchildren that she loved very very much and they will never get to know her," said Vaught.

Wagner, according to investigators was leaving a church function the night she tried to cross Highway 64 and was struck by a man in a truck. Wagner was killed from the impact and witnesses told police the driver of the white truck did not stop.

According to investigators, the man who hit Wagner said he thought he hit a deer that night. Investigators said the man showed the damage to friends, telling them he hit a deer. A couple of days later Alma Police located the driver -- who isn't being charged with a crime -- and his truck with damage. Investigators said they believed the man did think he hit a deer. The Crawford County Prosecutor said Wagner was also wearing animal print clothing at the time she was hit.

Wagner's family said they are outraged that the man who hit and killed their mother will not be charged with a crime.

It should be illegal for anyone to leave the scene of an accident regardless of whether they hit a person or an animal," said Willis.

The Crawford County Prosecutor's Office has final say over whether or not criminal charges will be pursued.

"The Alma Police Department that was working the case did not recommend charges. We looked at the case when they turned it over to us and what we found to is that it appeared to be accidental and nothing intentional or nothing reckless or negligent because of alcohol or anything of that nature," said Crawford County Prosecutor Mark McCune.

In a police report it shows the man did purchase alcohol at a restaurant before Wagner was hit. It states two margaritas that were doubles, according to the officers account. The prosecutor said there was no test or blood alcohol level because the man was not located until days after the incident.