Metabolic Research Center – Monitoring Weight Loss And Seeing Results – Phase 18

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"Since Bobby started, he is down 6% in his body fat, which doesn't sound like a lot but it is; it's quite a bit,” said Sarah. “His total weight loss is now 36 pounds, so he lost another two pounds this week.”

Once a month Metabolic will have their clients stand on the scale and it provides this print out for them and not only does it show Bobby’s weight, but it shows his body fat percent, lean muscle mass, how much body fat he's got on his body and also show where he needs to go.

“This gives us some goals of what is going to be a healthy weight for him, what's a healthy body fat for him,” said Sarah. “It's a great tool that we can use to show him where he is and where he needs to go.”

“So, I've lost 36 pounds overall and 6% body fat, while that may not sound like a whole lot, but I've lost a lot of these, which are a five-pound rubber representation of fat,” said Bobby. “So, I've lost a little more than seven of these which is obviously big-time progress.”

“On our program, because of the nutrients that you eat and because of the high protein this allows your body to burn stored fat and not muscle mass,” said Sarah. “It's very important to protect your muscle mass and allow your body to get in that good fat burning and lose anywhere from two to five pounds of actual body fat a week.”

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