City Council Members & Citizens Discuss Animal Care

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Members of the Bentonville City Council met with concerned citizens tonight (Friday, Jan. 12) to discuss  long and short-term solutions about the care stray animals will receive that are found within city limits.

They spoke about isolation rooms for sick animals, temperature control and ventilation... just to name a few of the topics.

Olivia Nagel who is a concerned citizen said, "It's a contract fee for services and the services were not really well outlined in the contract. They were rather vague and we really felt that needed to be defined, and so that's part of why we came together, as a group, to talk to the city council (members) about those definitions within the contract."

The city wanted to hear the five most concerning issues that they'd like to see brought up to the City of Centerton. The contract sets up a partnership in which animal control officers in Bentonville may bring the strayed animals to the shelter in Centerton for three years.

A contract is being drafted and will be due soon. City council members expect to discuss the contract at the next scheduled meeting.