Woman May Spend Time In Jail For Distributing Illicit Photos Of Roommate

BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Police said a Cave Springs woman may spend a year or less in jail because she posted a topless picture of her friend on Facebook.

Linsey Hess, 21, said she posted the pictures on social media because her friend at the time refused to return clothes. Hess told police she thought the "friend" stole her clothes when while they were roommates, according to Rogers police.

The case turned criminal because Hess had no consent to post the photos.

"Images between two consenting adults are OK, but if you're a third party, you cannot then take those photos and redistribute those out to a public area," Keith Foster with the Rogers Police Department, said.

Hess now says this is the biggest mistake of her life. She told 5NEWS she had no idea that what she did out of spite and emotion could potentially land herself in jail.

"It was childish and stupid... I don't recommend that anyone do what I did. I'm also very sorry that I did that," Hess told 5NEWS.