Martin Luther King, Jr. Honored During Fayetteville Ceremony

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- A speaker honored Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. during a ceremony today.

Doctor Roderick L. Smothers, president of the Philander Smith College spoke Sunday (Jan. 14) at St. James Missionary Baptist Church in honor of King. He spoke about his words, mission and values.

The liberal arts has been based out of Little Rock for more than 140 years, and has educated many distinguished civil rights leaders.

"To apply what our founding fathers of the country intended in the declaration of independence, 'We hold the truths self evident, that all men are created equal.' I am not sure if we are at a point in today's society in today's world where everyone is- we know they're equal but they certainly aren't treated as equal. And therein lies the problem with many of the challenges we face today," Smothers said.

Smothers mission is to bring awareness to racial issues across the country, and to overcome adversity through peaceful protests, love and mutual respect.