Wolverines Surging In Second Year Of Program

CENTERTON (KFSM)--Bentonville West’s first season wasn’t as bad as you might expect. The Wolverines went 12-16 and lost to Little Rock Central in the first round of the 7A state tournament. But a lot has changed between years one and two.

"The big thing is people know who we are now," head coach Greg White said. "We don’t have to explain where we’re at or who we are or what we belong to. We say West High and everyone knows who were are."

"We struggled a little bit but it wasn’t that bad where we didn’t make it to the playoffs, which we did. So I think we shocked a lot of people," said senior Gabe Hornsby.

Along with fellow senior Hayden White, Hornsby pushed the team to mature quickly in the offseason.

"We’ve really grown up. There’s some games we lost last year cause we weren’t ready for them, and there’s some games we won this year that I don’t think we win last year just cause we’ve all matured," Hayden White said.

But the program wouldn't be this far along with its head coach.

"He’s done a good job just starting from scratch really cause it’s a brand new school, brand new teammates," Hornsby said.

"There’s no gimme games in this league. There’s nobody you look at and say I’m definitely beating them. Every game out you have to be prepared," coach White said.

Hayden, a coach's son, added, "I think last year we were definitely scared going into some games. Now we go into every game thinking we have a chance to win them."

The Wolverines play an ugly brand of basketball. That’s agreed on by the entire team.

"It’s a guards game, that’s what it’s turned into and it’s fast. So we’re constantly trying to find ways to equalize people’s athleticism with our strength and size," said coach White.

With a win over Springdale on Friday, West improves to 12-4 this season, 2-1 in 7A West play.