How Emergency Alerts Are Sent Locally

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- The ballistic missile false alarm has many concerned and wondering how the alerts are sent out locally.

President Trump, FEMA and the National Weather Service send the alerts out nationally, but locally it's the Emergency Management department that does so.

To curtail the chance of what happened in Hawaii happening in Arkansas, only two people have the password for the system used. The system is described as being a reverse 911 system.

"I have to log into this system with a unique username and password that only I have. Very few people have access to it... so it would be very hard between the two of us to get the wrong message out," Jeffrey Turner, assistant county administrator for public safety, said.

Turner also said, "I think the process we have in place is secure, the passwords we keep are very secure on those type of systems, close-knit, very little access to those systems and the types of things that would send out notifications that we do have."

The alert system also allows emergency management to select a receiving group including a specific house or neighborhood ub tge event if a more precise emergency.

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