Marquesha Davis’s Unselfish Play Paces Springdale

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)--Marquesha Davis moved from McGehee to Springdale in middle school and made an immediate impact.

"That George team did something that no team had done, they won the regional tournament," Heather Hunsucker, coach of the Lady Red Dogs said. "And no girls or boys team at George Junior High had ever done that and she was the regional MVP."

That's when Hunsucker knew that Davis had a special talent.

"She is a great teammate, she is a very hard worker and she really is loved by her team," said Hunsucker. "What I didn't know was the kind of work ethic and was the kind of person."

Davis isn't outstanding at any one skill, but excels in every phase of the game.

"Getting to the basket, sharing the ball, defense, free throws, rebounding," the junior said.

Davis is averaging 23 points and 10 rebounds per game, all while elevating Springdale (13-4, 3-0) to the top of the 7A-West.

According to fellow junior Jeniya Gause, "[Marquesha helps] my offense like my ball handling, cause you know, she always tries to rip somebody. Gotta get better at that dribbling."

Hunsucker has been head coach for seven years at Springdale, and quickly admits that Davis is one of the more special players she's coached.

"That's what I think is really neat about Marquesha is she's about this team, and she wants this team to have success," Hunsucker said.

"We both like competing with each other to make each other better. And you know it's always good to have competition," Gause added.

Marquesha's goal, "Go play college basketball at the D1 level," is achievable. Oklahoma State and a handful of other schools already have offered the junior.

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