Metabolic Research Center – Lose Weight & Gain A Healthy Lifestyle – Phase 19

"Bobby just hit a plateau, which is completely normal where he is in his program. He had a consistent weight loss for the last four weeks and we'll get right back to it and see probably another three, four pound loss by next week," Sarah said.

"It's ok. I mean, I know there's going to be weeks that you don't see the significant loss that you want to see but you kinda got to stay on the program and keep knowing that the ultimate goal is eventually gonna get there, you just have to keep working hard," Bobby said.

"We offer a lot for clients. It's the whole picture. We've got to help them with not just their menu plans and what foods you're gonna be eating, but teaching them what to buy at the grocery store. What to look for, what to avoid," Sarah said.

"Before I never went, never shopped for myself but now I do it on a regular basis and not only do I go, I know what to get, I know what to lean towards. They've taught me how to read labels, what I should get, what's good for me and what's good for the program that I'm on and especially what to avoid when I am at the store," Bobby said.

"So, cheese is kind of my to go snack, but am I getting the right kind or the right brand? Exactly, so I notice you've been eating a lot of softer cheeses or shredded cheese. It's better to stick with just regular hard cheese... anything that's in a block like this that you can slice yourself. It's gonna have higher protein than some of the soft cheeses and not as many preservatives and added things to it," Sarah said.

"So, like most people, ranch is my go to, good idea - bad idea? It's best for you to stick with more vinegarettes," Sarah said.

"Sarah, I really appreciate all these helpful tips. I really know what to do, what not to do now. I really think this is going to help move the program forward," Bobby said.

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