Senior Duo Behind Ozark’s Undefeated Start

OZARK (KFSM) - Tuesday night against Charleston, Ozark found themselves in their first overtime game this season, but veteran coach Bret Nagel wasn’t nervous.

"When we go into overtime I feel pretty comfortable at that point," said Nagel. "Because, you have to figure a lot of things into the scenario but our kids had already battled the worst part of the storm so to speak and we are a seasoned team."

Like all season, the senior the duo of Ariel Walker and Hannah Ladd helped guide the Lady Hillbillies to a 48-37 victory to keep their perfect record in tact. The pair have become a key part of Ozark’s successful season.

"Every time we put them together they play really well," said Nagel. "They know each other they understand what the other one is about to do and they can anticipate and react off that."

Walker and Ladd believe their friendship has a lot to do with their floor chemistry.

"That’s my best friend for like two years, " said walker. "We’ve been around each other every day for a really long time and we know how each other thinks, and we know each we know each others thought process going into a lot of things."

As for the undefeated season, it’s a topic that is rarely brought up.

"There’s not a time in practice that we even talk about it," said Ladd. "There’s not a time that coach Nagel brings it up, the only time he brings it up when we are talking about our next game."

While the seniors would like to cap their strong campaign with a state title, they are not fixated on the maintaining the winning streak they are just approaching the season one game at a time.

"We want to keep winning," said Walker. "But, we aren’t going to put too much focus on what our record is. We are more focused on what we have to do to win the next game."

The Lady Hillbillies will play at Paris on Friday.