Adventure Arkansas: Strike a Pose With Yoga Story

This week for Adventure Arkansas we are learning yoga! 5NEWS crashed in on a beginner’s class at Yoga Story in Bentonville to learn about the physical and mental benefits of this practice that goes back over five thousand years.

“Yoga is for everybody, it’s not a religion, it’s about bringing balance to the physical body,” said Lynn Hancock. “It’s about bringing balance to the mental body, so we need to counteract stress in our life.”

Yoga story has great beginner classes to help you make your first step.

“There are some really basic poses that you need to know when you’re building a practice, but there’s a different approach it, not matter what it is that you’re coming from,” said Lynn Hancock.

Even premiere athletes can benefit from yoga as a cross-training tool.

“I have a lot of athletes that come to my class because stability and the muscles, like yoga, the physical part is a balance between strength and flexibility,” said Lynn Hancock. “If you have a tight muscle, it’s going to pull on the joint and a weak muscle will let it.”

“So, you don’t have full power in a tight muscle either, so if you’ve got nice big biceps but you can’t fully extend your arm, you’re cutting your power off,” said Lynn Hancock.

After the two-hour session, you feel much more relaxed and focused. It is this feeling, or magic, that yoga story wants everyone to experience.

“Focusing on in 2018, the magic that kind of happens,” said Lynn Hancock. “Yes, there is a scientific explanation for it; when you breathe and take a full inhale, it’s great for your heart, for your mind, for releasing a stress and kind of bringing balance to the body.”

“We want people to be able to come and feel like their energy has a little boost, either because of the practice or because they’re able to drop things, emotionally or mentally,” said Lynn Hancock. “We really want them to feel like they can go out into the community and put good energy out into our community.”

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With Adventure Arkansas and learning the yoga poses where you live, I’m meteorologist Matt Standridge, Namaste.