Students Create Veteran Designated Parking Spots

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- A group of students from the Springdale School District is working to show their support for veterans by installing designated parking spots for them around town.

The group consists of middle and high schoolers in the EAST program.

One student involved said she has been working on the project since last year after they got the idea to visualize their support.

“We basically started mapping out where our veterans live and we just started getting this idea of printing," Seventh-grader Rebecca Gillespie said. "We went to the Amazeum and they helped us make one of our stencils we’re going to use.”

She hoped to expand their project to other places around Northwest Arkansas.

They are looking for people to host spots, but may need some help with getting materials in the future.

One of the first businesses to receive one of these spots is the Midtown Mall in Springdale.

Owner Debbie Eden said they always try to acknowledge veterans who come through the store and having one of these spots is important to her.

“A lot of people have died for our country," Eden said. "They go out, we all know, they go out on a regular basis and protect us. I have a son-in-law who is active Air Force, a grandson who just finished basic training in the Air Force so it has a personal touch to us as well.“

She was happy to see these students working to support veterans for their service.

The students said during this process they have learned a lot of skills they plan to use even after they graduate.

“Skills that include using Adobe Illustrator and other Adobe programs," Senior Makayla Hamilton said. "I’ve also had the opportunity to go out into our community and talk with community partners and leaders about what we can do to do more for veterans.”

They said anyone looking to add one of these spots can register online.

They are still waiting on some equipment to install the signs but do have the stencils ready to go.

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