Bill Cosby Performs In Public For First Time Since Sex Abuse Scandal

PHILADELPHIA (CBS News) — Bill Cosby has performed in public for the first time since a sex abuse scandal embroiled him in 2015, telling stories and honoring old friends in his hometown Monday as a retrial looms in his criminal sexual assault case. The 80-year-old entertainer took the stage Monday night at a Philadelphia jazz club for his first show since May 2015.

His last comedy tour ended amid protests as about 60 women were coming forward to accuse him of drugging and molesting them over five decades, something he has denied.

Cosby arrived at the club on the arm of his spokesman Andrew Wyatt. He wore a gray hoodie printed with the phrase “Hello Friend,” something his late son, Ennis Cosby, often would say.

Reports say the ticketed show happened at the Tony Williams Jazz Quartet at the Lorosa Jazz Club.

A reporter for Philadelphia’s public radio station posted a video on Twitter showing Cosby sitting on a stool: