Bentonville Mayor Says This Is His Last State Of City Addresses

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Mayor Bob McCaslin has served as mayor for more than a decade. He said this was his best and last state of the city address.

McCaslin said he plans to continue investing in resources into the city's growing trail system, which he said he appreciates.

He also addressed Walmart's new home office and spoke about the city's 25,000-square-foot dispatch center that was approved last year.

"I would like to give you my last state of the city report.. but what i would call my best state of the city...that's a personal opinion but i have an opinion on a lot of things... .," McCaslin said. "The new dispatch center will be weather rated and will include space for city wide operations. The new space will also provide space for CID and an area designed for multiple use and training operations."

Even more, he spoke about plans for the city's seventh fire station.