Local Power Company Helps Restore Power In Puerto Rico After Hurricane

(KFSM)- After nearly four months without power following Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is getting some help to restore power from OG&E.

The company sent a fleet of 50 trucks and on the first day on the ground, workers were able to restore electricity to more than 500 homes.

"We haven't had light since September 19," Francis, resident said. "It's been 124 days without light."

Those households along with some schools now have power thanks to their help and residents are grateful.

"I'm very happy and very excited to see all the beautiful orange trucks from your town that are trying to bring us back our light," Francis said.

Some people even made signs just to say thank you to the workers.

While the conditions have been rough for the workers, Rick Berg, Manager of Construction Services for OG&E said their work back home in Arkansas and Oklahoma has prepared them for the trip.

"It's nothing these guys have never seen before," Berg said. "This is not as devastating as what we've had to face in some of our tornadoes or major ice storms."

Crews still have a long way to go, but said this is a great start.

"There's plenty of work still to do to get the power fully restored over here," Berg said. "We got the man power to get that done, so that'll be what we work on in the future."

Finally, Puerto Ricans are able to see improvements after what has been a struggle for months.

"They have smiles on their faces and they appreciate us coming and being part of the restoration efforts," Berg said. "When we leave and everything is getting back to normalcy over here, it's going to be a feel good situation."

OG&E crews will be working on the areas with the most damage next.

They are expected to return home on Feb. 8.

To keep up with the efforts through video and pictures, visit OG&E's Facebook page.