Mayor Chooses To Not Seek Re-election

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Bob McCaslin has been the mayor of Bentonville for the past 12 years, but he recently announced that he will not seek re-election in 2018.

McCaslin explained that he thinks it is time for Bentonville to have someone new to lead the city, and that his time as mayor was done.

When asked what his favorite memory was during his time as mayor, he said there were too many.

He said some of the things he will remember are all of the people he worked with that "made things happen" in the city.

He said he may have been the mayor, but it is the people that they recruited who helped bring change.

McCaslin will also never forget the cooperation with various organizations that took place during those years.

“Between the city, the chamber of commerce, Downtown Bentonville Inc., Visit Bentonville, the school district, the county government, we all work together for the betterment of Northwest Arkansas in general but for Bentonville specifically," McCaslin said.

McCaslin said he thanks everyone who supported him even during the early days when he was knocking on people's doors during his campaign.

He hoped that his office demonstrated that when they promise to do something, they do it with integrity, which is something he hopes the next mayor will share.

That along with a commitment to professionalism and a focus with employees on how important character is and how the city deals with everyone.

McCaslin already has plans when leaves office.

He simply wants to spend time with family and maybe do some traveling with his wife.

In all, he said the past 12 years have been wonderful.

“It has been a great experience and a great honor for me," McCaslin said.

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