Backcourt Duo Takes Har-Ber To New Heights

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- 2015 turned out to be an important year for Scott Bolin's Har-Ber squad.

"I’d never started a freshman before, and he came in here and in about two weeks, after two weeks I could tell he was a little different," remembers the coach.

Just two seasons later, that freshman has become junior phenom Tylor Perry, the first thousand point scorer in school history.

"It’s so surreal, I never thought I’d score a thousand points, as a junior too," says Perry.

Tyler Garrett also joined the team in 2015, as a sophomore. He reached the 1000 point club last week. Perry was waiting for him

"I told before it happened, it’s lonely at the top, I’m waiting on him. He was like I got you don’t worry I’m coming."

Together, Tyler and Tylor in the back court form the backbone of this Har-Ber program, says Bolin.

"We’ve had them since they were babies, ninth and tenth grade. They came in here and we just stuck them in the fire. I knew as a head coach that we were gonna ride those two guys all the way through."

Perry says a bind formed right from the start.

"We had to be very close, because we knew eventually this was gonna be our team."

Like any relationship, they can get on each other’s nerves, if Garrett's stories about Perry are to be believed.

"He’s just a knucklehead sometimes, sometimes he plays too much, sometimes he messes with everyone in the locker room," Garrett says of his teammate. "People are tired, we’re laying down after a hard practice and he comes in just messes with you."

"It aggravates me sometimes, admits Bolin."

But it’s a tight bond, one that has led to plenty of on court success.

"It’s almost crazy how we link together, like, we’ll look at each other running down the court and we’ll know, ball is coming to either one of us," says Perry. "Sometimes it feels like we're closer than him and Austin (Garrett)."

While the two share a name and a place in the record books, Bolin beleives that their place in Har-Ber history goes even further.

"This program will never be the same, with these two guys. They’ll be talked about, and they’ll be remembered for a long time."

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