Metabolic Research Center – DNA Results – Phase 20

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“Just to kind of give you a recap we tested the five genetic markers that are specifically related to weight loss, from this information we are specifically about to customize your menu for you and really personalize this program and it helps us know how to work around your genetics to help you maximize your weight loss on this program,” said Heather. “Starting with this first one it deals with sensitivity to carbs and stress.”

“I got my DNA results back and I found out I have marks of three of the five things that they look for, the first two have to do with insulin one causes my body to retain fat, mostly around the mid-section, the second makes it harder for my body to break down processed starches and carbohydrates,” said Bobby.

“Clearly there is a sensitivity and so making sure that you are choosing the right kinds of carbs is going to be huge in your success with it,” said Heather.

“Third is stress related and it obviously has a negative effect on my metabolism,” said Bobby.

“Like a recovery time from getting sick sometimes you have a harder time recovering, maybe having stress at work or something like that can be challenging as well,” said Heather.

“So, this is something that you kind of must work at to avoid any kind of lean toward,” said Bobby.

“The diet and lifestyle consideration, so this is where we are actually going to make specific suggestions for your food choices,” said Heather.

“A lot of it was what to eat what not to eat and more importantly what a lot of people don’t think about is the time that you eat it,” said Bobby. If you eat sugar-based foods late in the day that’s going to stick with you especially right before bed so obviously they want, you to eat two or three hours before bed so you have time to digest all of that.”

“Having you on this specific plan is super beneficial for making sure that you are getting the proper amounts of food and the right kinds of nutrients into your system to help you maximize your weight loss,” said Heather.

“I’m pretty happy that I didn’t have all five which obviously would have meant more hurdles to overcome, but you know three out of five is pretty normal, more information is obviously a good thing, so I have even more tools to help fight what I’m going through,” said Bobby.

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