Marchers Take To Fayetteville Streets For Marginalized People

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- A group of people gathered outside the Washington County Courthouse Saturday Morning to take part in The People's March on Fayetteville organized by two college students.

Those students, Avery Phillips and Emma Nilsson, said after a year of Donald Trump's presidency, they knew they wanted to do something.

They then landed on the idea of this march to support all marginalized people in America.

“We had been like not knowing what to do, we felt really helpless, we felt really powerless whenever something new would come out or he would say another derogatory thing about a group of people," Nilsson said. "We just wanted to finally do something.”

About 100 people took place in the march including Pamela Johnson who said she was there for those who could not make it.

She said change in the world starts with grassroots events like this one.

Everyone there marched for different reasons including DACA and calling for better government leadership.

Johnson said her plan this year was to get more people voting to help change some of those leaders.

One veteran, who asked to remain anonymous, said he wanted to march to fight for the First Amendment.

“I served 22 years in the Navy defending the Constitution and now I’m at the point where I can exercise that," he said. "If I was in the Navy and I was on active duty, I wouldn’t be able to have this conversation.”

Both Nilsson and Phillips said they know not everyone will agree with what they are doing but ask that people see the unrest in some Americans.

Nilsson said to the people who are comfortable with their lives, to step out of their shoes and see what is going on with someone in a different situation.

The students said the best thing to do is to ask questions and stay informed.

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