Behind The Name: Bentonville Senior Asa Hutchinson IV



E (KFSM)--Typically, stories with Asa Hutchinson's name in the title are about Arkansas's governor. But it's Asa Hutchinson IV that's making waves on the courts of the 7A-West.

"I played a lot of sports when I was younger, but basketball has been the most natural for me," Huthcinson said.

It didn't hurt that a consistent growth spurt in high school saw Hutchinson blossom to 6'6", tallest in his family by three inches. But think about how unique family gatherings are with that many Asa's walking around.

"They either call me Little Asa or they call me A4. My dad is Big Asa or sometimes they'll call him A3, and then my Grandpa [the Governor] is A2," Hutchinson said.

Coach Dick Rippee got a taste of the Hutchinson family earlier this season. "We had the chance to go eat dinner at the mansion, and it was more along the lines of sitting around, visiting with somebody's grandparents instead of sitting around. You kind of almost had to remind yourself that you're with the Governor and the first lady of Arkansas."

Asa's well rounded family mirrors his balanced skill set.

"I'm comfortable doing anything. I can shoot, I can dribble, I can post up, I can rebound, I can play defense," the senior said.

"He's an all around player, he can really do a whole lot with the basketball. Inside, outside, handling it, posting somebody up," best friend and teammate Cole Phillips added.

One person that had a big impact on Hutchinson was former teammate and current Charlotte Hornet Malik Monk.

"He's one of the most confident people I've ever been around and it rubs off. So he showed me how to be confident and believe in yourself."

Hutchinson has turned into one of the most dynamic players in the 7A-West, averaging over 17 points and 5 rebounds in his final season at Bentonville.