Brunson Building Legacy At County Line

BRANCH (KFSM)--At County Line expectations are high every year for the boy’s basketball team to be nearly perfect.

"It’s expected by the fans," said senior Gage Gattis. "The beginning of the season we are looking ahead, but the fans are saying I’m ready for state tournament where’s state going to be this year and that’s just an expected thing especially since coach Brunson has been here."

While there’s pressure to continue the winning tradition. Head coach Joe Brunson is a calming presence on the sidelines for his players.

"In games I'm usually a little bit calmer than I am in practice actually," said Brunson. "In game the kids are usually wound up and I think a calm influence on the bench is beneficial to them."

His tactics have paid off for his program. In 13 seasons at County Line Brunson has earned 361 wins. Brunson’s philosophy of playing unselfish basketball has been key to their success.

"We talk a lot about working hard," said Brunson. "And sacrificing for the team."

"He’s very strict," said senior Evan Johnston. "But, I think he’s the best coach in our whole entire area. He is black and white you know what to expect from him and he’s going to treat every single person the exact same."

But, aside from the wins Brunson has become known for molding his players.

"He knows the kind of talent each kid poses," said senior Braden Bateman. "How to work with them to bring that talent out .He’s done a good job with everybody that he has had come through the program."

His lessons and approach to coaching turn the team into better basketball players.. but also better individuals outside the court.

"He’s making you better, he’s making the team better for the eventual state championship," said Gattis. "That’s what he’s looking for, but overall he’s looking to make us better young men which I think he’s done a great job."