Scott County Road Department Employee Accused Of Stabbing Co-Worker

SCOTT COUNTY (KFSM) -- A Scott County Road Department worker is accused of stabbing a co-worker.

Police told 5NEWS that Nathan Wagner and Kenneth Johnson got into an argument in the work barn. The argument ended with Johnson stabbing Wagner five times, according to police. He was stabbed once in the elbow, once in the side and three times in the back.

Wagner said he and Johnson had some playful arguments during the week, but says they got too personal and that's when the real argument happened.

After Wagner noticed he had been injured, he says a friend rushed him to the hospital. He was then taken by helicopter to another hospital in Fort Smith where he underwent surgery to repair a torn muscle in his back.

He says it has been harder to breathe because his lung was injured during the stabbing, but he said he's slowly getting better. When the argument happened, Wagner said his Grandfather was having health issues and he was already feeling emotional. Wagner said he told Johnson to drop the argument, but says he didn't.

"He bowed up and said I don't give a crap and I'm like alright," he said. "I stood up and we kind of met in the middle and next thing I know we was fighting, I didn't even know he had stabbed me in the stomach. We got to wrestling around on the ground and I got to feeling something wrong with my back, I felt that something wasn't right and I turned him loose and reached back there and all I could feel was blood."

Wagner said he had a thick coat on during the stabbing and said if it wasn't for that coat, this may have ended differently.

Johnson is facing charges of second-degree battery.