Like It Or Not, Wal-Mart Increasing Self-Checkout Lanes

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) — Wal-Mart Stores is testing the use of more self-checkouts and fewer manned lines. For example, the newest Walmart Supercenter at Elm Springs Road in Springdale was recently revamped leaving just seven lanes open for manned checkout.

Self-checkout lanes equipped with conveyor belts were installed and there are several shorter lines with no belt for self checkout and a large corral at each end of the store for self-checkout with a bag carrousel and no conveyor belt.

There are three times the number of self-checkout lanes as manned options in the Elm Springs store.

A mile down the road, the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Don Tyson Parkway has removed all but one of its manned checkouts, and the rest of the lines are self service. There is a corral at the end with a hostess to help shoppers troubleshoot.

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