Refugee Support Groups Host Prayer Vigil During State of the Union Address

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- While President Trump took the stage to address the country in his first State of the Union address, local refugee support groups gathered for a prayer vigil.

The support groups gathered at St. Martins Campus Ministry at the University of Arkansas.

They said they're praying that in coming years, the Trump administration will fix what they say is a broken immigration system.

In the first 90 days of his presidency, Trump enforced a controversial travel ban on a handful of immigrant countries and later in the year, the GOP voted to repeal the Deferred Act for Childhood Arrivals, which leaves millions of immigrants up for deportation.

As a result, local groups are coming together.

" I guess we`re hoping that the decisions they make are moral and humane and that they recognize that it`s human beings and families that are on the line in their decision making," Clint Schnekloth, organizer of the event, said.

Jack Avery, Chairman of NWA Young Republicans said he hopes for a better path to legalization of immigrants.

Avery added, "... And that the 11 To 12 million people that are here and want to be here and are contributing that they have a stream line very open process to become legalized citizens."