The Future Of The River Valley Sports Complex

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- After Jake Files resigned from the state senate, many River Valley locals said they're wondering about the future of the River Valley Sports Complex -- a project Files claimed he wanted to begin six years ago, but really defrauded the city out of more than $1 million.

Files also created three false and fraudulent bids in order to receive GIF funds from the state.

For months, the sports complex has stayed unfinished. City leaders said they're working to make sure the complex will be complete.

"As far as the city`s concerned, that`s when we began to delve very deeply into what`s going on and what exactly we paid for and what was the result from that," City Administrator Carl Geffken said.

Geffkin also said city leaders are finding out how much has been spent on the complex compared to the work that has been completed. Some of the contractors on the project have never been paid.

Those companies have filed lawsuits against the city after they were never paid by Files.

"They ignored that and told them to come to the city because they were just a pass through...well, no they weren`t. We had a contract with the River Valley Sports Complex and they`re the ones that need to pay the subcontractors for the work that has been done," Geffken added.

The city has filed a counter claim in an attempt to clear its name while also making plans to complete the complex.

Geffken said, "We have also then asked for the money back for the GIF money and also the money to complete the sports complex itself and that is going through the process, the court system as we speak."