WWII Veteran Surprised With 93rd Birthday Party

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- Every morning, you can find World War II veteran Frank Brooks a a table in Rick's Bakery with a doughnut and some coffee but Thursday morning, he was surprised with a little more.

Brooks turned 93 and to celebrate, the group of friends he eats with added some birthday cake to the rest of his meal.

“It tickled me to death because this has been my life," Brooks said. "Because sitting still, like I said when we square danced and skied, we were active, it’s just amazing."

Brooks grew up in Fayetteville and is the last person alive who helped with the construction of the wooden arched aircraft hangar at Drake Field.

Not long after he finished that, he said he joined the fight in the Pacific at Guadalcanal during World War II.

When the fight was over he spent time with his late wife as they went on skiing trips and square danced all over the country.

His secret to a long life is simple, staying active and not letting laziness set in.

Brooks came to Rick's for years but when he was unable to drive, he got some help.

Steve Rust and other friends make sure Brooks makes it to the bakery every morning for that doughnut and coffee.

“I drive right by coming in from Farmington so a couple of years ago I just started picking him up every morning because he is just such a cool guy and so interesting," Rust said. "You talk to him, you saw how sharp his mind is.”

He explained that it is a cardinal rule among the group that Brooks gets there no matter what.

Brooks said have this opportunity every morning gives him the chance to talk to people he grew up with and its something good for him to do out in the fresh air.

He plans to keep coming so long as he is able.

When asked how it felt to turn 93, his response was quick.

“Well, it just feels like another day," Brooks said.