Adventure Arkansas: Modern Mission With The 5NEWS Troop

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This week for Adventure Arkansas, 5NEWS troops prepare for battle. Location?  Modern mission in Fayetteville.

“Apart from normal laser tag, we try to up the ante by being as realistic as possible,” said Parker Harrell. “We are the Call of Duty essentially of the laser tag industry.”

Your rifle is extremely life-like, from how it looks, to how it fires.

“With the tactical gear, you’re going to have to reload C02 magazines, so what that means is each of these magazines has a C02 canister in it, to kind of give you that kick whenever you fire the gun, so it feels realistic,” said Harrell.

5NEWS anchor and reporter Laura Simon and I gear up and prepare to face the enemy.

Our goal? Reach the high ground

“One of the things we always recommend doing, it takes the third field, or third story as soon as possible,” said Harrell.

That is easier said than done.

“Basically, you have an IR beam hit one of the sensors that are located on your vest or on your headband, and then every time you get hit with that, for basically most of the games we play in there you get 5 hits, and you lose one life,” said Harrell. “When you lose a life, it’s no big deal, you just must go back to your base and respawn, but once you’re back in the game, you can keep going, keep fighting.”

The battle was long and difficult.  Our team may have technically been defeated, but for what we lost in points, we gained in bravery, resilience, and character.

Tactical laser tag is offered in the evenings Thursday through Saturday, for more information, click here!

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With Adventure Arkansas and laser-tagging Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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