Is Arkansas One Of The Best Or Worst States For Online Dating In 2018?

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) — If you’re searching for love online in Arkansas, you may want to move, according to WalletHub.

The state is ranked as one of the five worst states for online dating.

Those from New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina are seemingly not having much luck in the online dating world, either.

Arkansans who choose to do so anyway should use the PlentyOfFish app, according to WalletHub.

For the Arkansans who are still serious about online dating but PlentyOfFish failed them like other dating apps, consider moving to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut or Maine — they’re the best for online dating, according to WalletHub.

The methodology the company used included comparing each state by opportunity safety and demographics. They used metrics and weighed percentages as well, WalletHub reports.

Safety rank included violent crime and communicable diseases, demographics rank included gender balance, percentages of singles and of those with Bachelor’s degrees, median earning and unemployment rate, WalletHub also reports.

Components for opportunity rank include owning a smartphone or computer, interest in online dating platforms and online dating success rate, WalletHub also reports.

After collecting data in each component, the company then calculated the weighted average of three indicators for every state and then scaled the data, WalletHub also reports.