Adventure Arkansas: Hot Wheels Exhibit At Scott Family Amazeum

Buckle up, because this week for Adventure Arkansas, we’re heading to the Scott Family Amazeum in Bentonville for their new hot wheels exhibit.

“Kids just love hot wheels, and I think when they come in, they’re first surprised about how big it is and how those little cars at life size are a really pretty good-sized vehicle,” said Paul Stolt, Scott Family Amazeum.

“Everything in the exhibit is a real, authentic piece, whether it’s a piece of a broken wing from an Indy car or actual tires that go onto a race car,” said Stolt.

The Amazeum’s goal with this attraction is to not only provide a fun time for families but to create an interactive learning environment that will only help children as they ride into topics like physics and engineering.

They may not really know they’re learning something while they’re doing it, but you have to wonder at some point they’ll be sitting in a science class learning about forces and motion or they’ll be talking about engineering and how aerodynamics help change the way something works,” said Stolt.

Not only are kids excited when they walk in, but even the faces of parents and grandparents light up.

“We have grandparents, parents, and grandkids and they all have that connection to those little racing cars and when they come in to play and start looking at the exhibits, they start to tell stories about what it was like when they were younger,” said Stolt.

“I remember most is that we would take our cars out and there was a big tree right across the street at my neighbor’s house and the roots were kind of out and there was a lot of dirt underneath it,” said Stolt. “We would build cities in there with roads, and you know the vehicle for all that creativity were those little hot wheels cars.” “They were what got us going to build all these things.”

Learning can be so fun! If you want to see all the tracks and cars you wished you had when you were a kid, go soon because the exhibit is only here in Northwest Arkansas until April 29th.

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With Adventure Arkansas, and racing the hot wheels Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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