Mom Develops Non-Toxic Nail Polish For Kids

LOWELL (KFSM) -- Melanie Hurley had always been concerned about the chemicals found in the traditional nail polish she used on her two daughters.

“One day I was painting my daughter's nails over a Styrofoam cup and the polish dropped on, bubbled, ate through it. It just got me really concerned about what was in kid nail polish,” Hurley said.

Hurley said she searched for an alternative she felt better about, but didn't have any luck. So, she decided to launch Piggy Paint which is non-toxic nail polish for kids.

“I didn't have any business experience, I was a teacher and I was staying at home with my girls at the time, so it was a really scary move,” she said.

Piggy Paint started almost 10 years ago with just 14 shades of nail polish and now they have close to 300 products including a haircare line.

Hurley found a chemist online to partner with and would send samples of colors she liked to him, modeling her business after what she would want as a consumer.

“I figured I was an average mom, so if I would just model it after what I lived and what I thought my kids would like then it would appeal to a lot of people,” she said.

Leah McCauley like most young girls enjoys getting her nails painted because it's quality time spent with her mom.

She said Piggy Paint is unlike regular nail polish that might smell bad and it also helps with her occasional bad habit of biting her nails.

“It does stay on better. I like find myself even when I o bite my nails being like oh no it`s going to come off but then I look at it and I`m like nope..saved it,” McCauley said.

Piggy Paint is now sold in 15 countries and in select Walmart and Target stores, as well as online and some specialty stores.