Arkansas Changes Name Of Alert For Child Abductions

ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- Arkansas State Police (ASP) has changed the name of the alerts that are sent out in child abduction cases.

Formerly known as Morgan Nick Amber Alert, the alerts are now called Arkansas AMBER Alert Plan. It's a statewide initiative between police, media and residents to use a dependable information delivery system in the hopes of quickly locating abducted children, according to state police.

"Changing the name from the Morgan Nick Amber alert to just the amber alert that people are very familiar with how that works. I think it streamlines the ability to very quickly get help to a child," said Colleen Nick, mother of Morgan Nick.

ASP said they made changes to the protocol and will now use social media and advanced technology in the searches.

After losing her daughter Casey, Melissa Crowder feels using social media will be extremely helpful.

”As much as you can get their picture out there and as many people that can will see it and that someone might actually see that child that wouldn’t if they hadn’t seen it on social media," Crowder said.

AMBER alerts are not used for all missing children. The alerts are specifically issued when a child is abducted.

Media will follow guidelines issued by the Department of Justice and state police. If there are abductions that are life-threatening to which children are in imminent danger the alert will be issued.

Alerts will also be issued when there is a supplemental amount of descriptive information about the person abducted and if they're younger than 18.