Arkansas Drivers Deal With Slick Roads Sunday

BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Crews have been out all day Sunday (Feb. 11) working to make the roads safe for drivers all over Benton County.

Even though the major roadways are clear, that does not mean all are.

City Governments around Northwest Arkansas advised people to still be careful especially in residential areas.

Many people who commuted to work said the toughest part of the drive was getting out of their neighborhood and the parking lots at work because they were icy.

Alexis Perez and Shameika Hall, work in the Pleasant Crossing area.

"I did just because not a lot of people were here especially at 10 a.m.  Everything here was just opening up. So I expected it to be pretty slick," said Hall.

"I didn't, but it happened to be that way so it caught me off guard a little bit," said Perez,  "I figured it would be a little melted or not as icy."

Both Hall and Perez are worried about the drive home after they get off work.

They said even with the rise in temperature they worry about things refreezing.

Hall said she is confident when it comes to driving on these slick roads but Perez wasn't as sure.

“Just sliding scares me when I can’t control my car especially when the brakes don’t work on ice," Perez said.

The Benton County Road Department did have crews on standby Sunday night to make sure roads stayed clear.

“And mainly hit any kind of call ins, people call in saying there are slick spots," said Asset Coordinator Jeremiah Thompson. "We’ll probably send them out a couple of times tonight just driving, checking some known trouble spots.”

Thompson explained refreezing was a small concern for them and that there could be some isolated spots throughout the county.

According to the Arkansas State Police (ASP) things have been clear Sunday.

Last night in Benton and Washington Counties ASP worked 39 accidents between 5 p.m. and midnight with one fatality.