How Much Ice Did We Get?

Freezing mist continued Saturday Night and into Sunday Morning.

Northwest Arkansas:  Mainly between a few hundredths of an inch to two tenths.

River Valley:  Mainly a trace to a hundredth of an inch.

In terms of impact, this was a Level. Roads were icy, especially in Northwest Arkansas. Bridges, overpasses, and higher elevations saw their fair share of ice, all across the region.

I-Cams throughout the area show the frozen trees. Super-cooled water droplets from the mist instantly froze on a lot of the vegetation and some roadways

This cold front was quite powerful as it is knocking down temperatures into the teens and twenties. Wind Chills today will be in the teens.

Expect temperatures to near freezing by ~3 PM in Northwest Arkansas. Some folks may not be able to breach the freezing mark.

Temperatures in the River Valley should rebound near freezing close to lunch time on Sunday.

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