Decades Old Ronald McDonald Statues Get Makeovers

GREENWOOD (KFSM) -- Two Ronald McDonald statues that are more than 20-years-old have gotten makeovers thanks to locals.

Those at Greenwood Collision spent the past year refurbishing what they call, "the Ronald McDonald twins". They said it was an odd task, but it was much like refurbishing the exterior of a vehicle.

"We thought, let's try it and see and really it's not a whole lot different than an automobile. Those weather the conditions just like an automobile does outside and our materials work on just about anything, so it was nice to do. It was nice to see the refurbishment," Patty Davis with Greenwood Collision said.

The statues came from two McDonalds restaurant locations on Highway 71 and another in Greenwood.

Materials previously on the statues were stripped off and fresh paint and detail was added.