Arkansas State Parks Names First Woman To Fill Manager Position

LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — Arkansas State Parks names first woman  to fill the position of new region five manager, according to a press release.

Becky Bariola, a veteran with Arkansas State Parks is the first woman to hold this position in ASP history.

Bariola joins the ranks of five individuals in the system who provide leadership for multiple state parks so they can provide guest services to create a worthy atmosphere that will last a lifetime.

Bariola’s position is unique in that she also oversees the newest property of Arkansas State Parks and is entrusted with several park visitors and their safety.

With eight million visitors a year to Arkansas State Parks, the regional supervisor position is an important one.

“Over the last 31 years, I have witnessed Becky Bariola’s leadership and passion as a member of the Arkansas State Park management team,” Mike Wilson, Operations Manager said.  “She possesses the knowledge and skills required to guide and improve lodging, restaurant and stadium operations and ensure they remain mission-based.”

Arkansas State Parks preserve special places for future generations, provide quality recreation and education opportunities, enhance the state’s economy through tourism, and provide leadership in resource conservation.