Springdale Passes Sales Tax Renewal

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Springdale has voted in a special election to renew its one percent sales tax, that was approved by voters during 2006.

A total of 2,156 residents votes regarding the issue. Eighty-three percent were for and 17 percent were against.

In sum, 1,796 were for and 360 were against.

The money will be used for city improvements. Springdale City Council members said the city is in dire need of improvements to existing buildings including the animal shelter, fire, police and administration departments, as well as improvements to streets and parks.

The bond issue is estimated to raise $92.7 million for street improvements, $21.3 million for park and recreation improvements, $17.6 million for fire department improvements, $42.8 million for police and administration improvements, $5.6 million for animal shelter improvements. Nearly $48 million is needed to refinance existing debt.

Voters had the opportunity to vote on street improvement, park and recreational, fire department, criminal justice and administration building and animal shelters bond renewals. All passed.

Specifically, 1,821 were for street improvement tax renewals, while 333 were against. For the parks and recreation tax renewal, 1,694 were for and 458 were against.

For the fire department tax renewal, 1,832 were for and 324 were against. Criminal justice and administration building tax renewal was voted for as well, with 1,726 for and 431 against. For the animal shelter improvement bonds and one percent sales and use issue, 1,606 were for and 551 were against.