Booneville Police Address Student Fight Video

BOONEVILLE (KFSM) -- Booneville police are investigating a fight between two students that was caught on camera, according to Police Chief Al Brown.

Brown said the fight happened two weeks ago between two cousins.

The fight was posted to Facebook and several comments labeled one of the students as mentally challenged. Brown said that his family was upset because he is not mentally challenged.

"We learned that through talking with the victim’s parents and the victim that they were upset that the victim was labeled as mentally challenged when in fact he is not mentally challenged," he said.

Brown said police had no previous knowledge of the fight until it was posted on Facebook. A woman had taken the video from someone's phone without their permission and posted it online, he added.

"The school, after contacting them was able to work things out between the families and the students," Brown said.

The police are continuing to investigate. Brown said the student in the white hoodie made some improper remarks and police are trying to figure out what type of comments were made to the other student.

"What we’ve learned at this point, we’re still currently investigating this. We still have some more interviews to do but we did several interviews yesterday. Our resource officer is conducting that part of the investigation because they’re students and he’s familiar with them," Brown said.