Cigarette Thrown Onto Grass Causes Hog Farm Fire

ALABAM (KFSM) — A tossed cigarette caused a grass fire and burned a hog farm, Thursday (Feb. 15).

The fire happened in a county field and at Cobb Creek Farm shortly before 12:30 p.m. in the 300 block if Madison County Road 1435 in Alabam. Someone travelling through the area threw out a cigarette which caused about a half-acre to burn, said Assistant Chief Steve McGourty with the Forum-Alabam Fire Department.

The grass fire spread to a hog farm and killed two hogs. Part of a chicken house, lumber, a stock trailer and storage shed also burned, McGourty explained.

“We made a good stop to keep it from spreading farther into the (chicken) house. It also extended to a storage shed that was next to the chicken house and caused minimal damage,” McGourt added.

It took firefighters about one-and-a-half hours to completely extinguish the fire and to make sure there were no hot spots. Forum-Alabam and Huntsville Fire Departments assisted in the matter.

Firefighters said they encourage others to properly dispose of cigarettes and other flammable items.