Fayetteville Police Investigate Car Vs. Bicycle Accident

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Fayetteville Police are investigating a car vs. bicycle accident that happened Wednesday around 10:00 p.m.

Kathy Henning said it was her 51-year-old husband Robert that was hit along 15th Street near Walker Park in Fayetteville.

She said he was riding his bike to work when he was hit by a car. He was taken to Mercy Hospital in Springfield with a broken back, broken pelvis and bleeding on his brain.

“I was in my bedroom getting comfortable and I heard the fire truck and I’m thinking oh my god please don’t let that be my husband. I started calling my husband’s number and I never got an answer and I think the fifth time the police officer answered the phone and told me," she said.

Henning said her husband is usually very safe with a headlight on his bike and reflectors and wears a reflective vest, but she said he never wears a helmet.

“I already tell him every night, I love you, be safe. And when I heard the ambulance I just started panicking.”

Cpl. Dallas Brashears said the driver of the vehicle says he didn't see the bicyclist until it was too late. Right now, police are treating this as an accident and will be reconstructing the scene to get more answers.

The driver spoke to 5NEWS and said that the bicyclist rolled in front of him and that he did not have time to stop. Police said the driver was not arrested, and it is unclear at this time if he will be cited.

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