Fort Smith OG&E Team Continues Helping Those In Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO (KFSM) — Oklahoma Gas and Electric sent employees to Puerto Rico in December after Hurricane Maria to support an industry-led effort to restore power on the island.

They have since sent additional help on the island, including a group from Fort Smith and several from Oklahoma. They restored power to more than 500 homes. Those on the island have been without power for more than 140 days.

A team of four workers are from Fort Smith. They worked in more treturous terrain. Safety was a big concern for them.

"They`re up there on one of our toughest circuits, they`re used to that and do it every day. They`re a lot of binds over here but they`re up for the challenge," OGE Manager Terry Garrett said.

Garrett it's the people of Puerto Rico who made this experience unique.

"When we`re up there working, they`ll cook and bring us lunch, (and) they`ll cook us dinner...they`re just so grateful that we`re here to help them."

Forty percent of the island remain without power.