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Metabolic Research Center – Recognizing Your Progress – Phase 23

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“Bobby's doing good, he lost another pound this week and he's down six more inches since we measured him, so that brings his total inch-loss to 37-and-a-half inches,” said Sarah.

“That's a whole yard on a football field and when you really break it down, it's impressive,” said Bobby. “I see myself every day, so I don't necessarily see the daily trimming down if you will, but when you see something like that, it really opens your eyes to this program's really working.”

“Every time we measure our clients, they get a ribbon with their total inch loss and he started with six months and he's moved up every month that we measure, his ribbon just continues to get longer and longer,” said Sarah. “It's a good visual for them to see what they've accomplished and it’s motivating for them to look at that and say wow, I've lost this many inches so far.”

“I got the results back from a DNA test and one thing that really jumped out is my body's resistance to insulin,” said Bobby. “Diabetes runs in my family, so that's something I have to pay attention to and I've made some changes, not only for the program but moving forward in life and those are going to be some changes that will help down the road.”

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