Some Fayetteville Residents Upset About Possible Street Extension

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Residents who live near Rolling Hills Drive are upset with the city's master street plan to extend the street all the way to Highway 265.

Residents who live in the neighborhoods that could be affected like Cash Acrey aren’t happy with the proposed plans.

He said he doesn't think there will be much benefit to extending the street because it doesn't take long to get from Crossover to Rolling Hills as it is.

“We wanted to move here because this is a nice established spot and we thought it would be a really safe spot to raise our baby and have a home. Putting a major thoroughfare here really changes that dynamic,” he said.

Nicole Claesen said she has many concerns, but the safety aspect is her biggest. She said there have been a lot of wrecks on Rolling Hills over the past few years.

“That is a safety issue for all the children that go to Butterflied Elementary, not to mention the people who live in these neighborhoods. It would cut down any walkability that our neighborhood currently has and that's something the city talks about frequently...encouraging walkability and that will all be taken away,” she said.

Fayetteville City Engineer Chris Brown said after reviewing the city's master street plan they are proposing to downgrade Rolling Hills Drive from an arterial to a collector street, meaning it would only be two lanes.

“The other question is how do we get from Old Missouri Road to 265, across that property and through some developed areas. What's the best way to get a collector street through there,” Brown said.

At the public hearing, Brown said the city will present four different options for aligning Rolling Hills Drive and what it will look like. The meeting is next Thursday, Feb. 22 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Rolling Hills Baptist Church.

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