Mothers & Others Demanding National Gun Control

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- While many in the nation are calling for gun control, a group is doing the same locally.

The Fayetteville chapter of 'Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America' hosted a meeting Tuesday night (Feb. 20), which attracted hundreds.

Organizers have said that change is much needed and it's needed now.

The meeting was standing room only for what is typically a crowd of a few dozen. Topics mentioned included the importance of background checks and limiting how and when guns may be carried.

Johanna Thomas who is a member of the group said, "I grew up around gun, but it was always safe storage, safe handling, and I just believe that that's what we should be doing."

Thomas said one of the main reasons she joined the group is because of the futures of her two young boys.

McKenzie Carson eagerly marked out "Mothers Demand..." on her name tag and happily wrote "Students Demand..." instead.

Carson explained, "We're the ones living it... not the politicians, not our parents, so we think that our voice is the most important in this situation."