Crews Open Road Closed By Sinkhole

BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Benton County crews worked Friday to make a road passable after a sinkhole formed Thursday night.

Channing Barker who is the Benton County Communications Director said the sinkhole formed on Roundtop Drive between Redbird Lane and Roundtop Road in the Sulphur Springs area.

Crews discovered the sinkhole, or soft spot, was caused by water that was coming out of the side of the road.

Jay Frasier, the Benton County Road Department administrator, said this issue is very common during this time of year.

He explained as these dirt and gravel roads freeze then thaw, they can form soft spots.

In any given year, Frasier said they could see anywhere from 25 to 30 of these issues that on average takes them about a week to repair.

Their goal Friday was to make sure people could safely use the road.

“We’re going to haul material in today just to get the folks in and out and later on next week or the week after next when it dries up a little bit, we’ll come in and dig all this out on the road," Frasier said. "We’ll put Geotech fabric down and cover it back up. Basically a French drain to prevent this from happening again.”

The road is open according to Barker as of Friday afternoon.