Metabolic Research Center – Losing Weight Without Losing Muscle – Phase 24

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“Let’s talk about your motivation and what motivates you to do this when you came in months back what was your original motivator to lose the weight,” said Sarah.

“I’ve never been one to look at the number and say I want to be this number, I knew how I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like that; I knew I wanted to make a change and I knew I needed to do something that would give me some help and motivation to keep me going on that journey,” said Bobby.

“So, you have twenty more miles to lose is your motivator the same it was in the beginning or has that changed a little bit,” said Sarah.

“It may not be for the same reasons, but I do want to keep going,” said Bobby. “Again, the number doesn’t mean all that much to me, but I do want to keep going because there is a certain person I want to see and a certain person I want to see on T.V.  that I want to like, I’m working on it but I’m not quite there yet, but I’m definitely closer than I was four months ago.”

“I noticed that you ate a lot of red meat this past time and that’s fine, but I think you will see a faster weight loss if you eat some meat options that have a lower sodium level, would you be willing to try that this next week,” asked Sarah?

“Yeah that is something I would be willing to looking into changing, there are several things I don’t normally eat on a regular basis, but we can change up the schedule and who knows I may find something I like,” said Bobby.

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