Adventure Arkansas: Camper Cabins Devil’s Den

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This week we’re looking at the latest in camping rentals on Adventure Arkansas Cabin Edition.

Tucked into the beautiful Devil’s Den State Park, recently-built camper cabins are offering a new way for visitors to stay the night.

“The newest thing we have at Devil’s Den is the Camper Cabin which is behind me,” said Monte Fuller, Park Superintendent. “These are small, I like to describe them as wooden tents; they’re about a 12X16 structure with heat and air, lights, ceiling fan, tables and chairs, and beds.

To keep in-line with the rustic, camping feel, you must bring your own linen, and there is no running water inside the cabin.  It really is a wooden tent, but a nice one.

“When people come to use these, they just need to bring their linens, bring your charcoal cookout side, bring an ice chest to store your food in because we don’t have refrigerators or stoves,” said Fuller.  “We put a lot of effort into designing it, so it’s pet friendly, they’re all hard surfaces, no carpets, so it’s a concrete floor.”

These cabins are also extremely secure. A unique passcode is given to you and your family to enter the front door... The central-located bathhouse is also safe and family-style, giving your troop an area for yourselves.


“This is the first set of family-style bathrooms we have at Devil’s Den so there are four different quads in it,” said Fuller. “It’s designed specifically, young family takes their small children in and bathe them without having to worry about if there is a young man in the ladies’ side or a young lady in the men’s side of the restrooms.”

With Adventure Arkansas and cabin hunting where you live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

For more information about the cabin's at Devil's Den State Park, click here!

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