Mavericks’ Hard Work Pays Off In Bowling State Championship

FORT SMITH (KFSM)--  Hard work and determination finally paid off for the Southside boys bowling team. After finishing as runner-up in 2017, the Mavericks fulfilled their goal of returning to the state finals and hoisting the championship trophy.

"After that I was like this is our year," said Southside junior Hunter Humphries. "I told all of the guys this is our year we need to practice and we’ve been practicing almost every day."

Winning the state title caps a nearly flawless season for the Mavericks, their only loss was to Bentonville in the conference tournament. Head coach Tadd Stewart says that he didn’t have to push his team, the were focused all season long.

"The number one thing is that they are self-motivated," said Stewart. "To be realistic we have to tell them to go home sometimes we have to be like hey you’ve been here two and half hours go home almost quite the opposite of some of the other sports."

Stewart and the Mavericks believe that what makes their team so successful is their comradery. They believe that is what carried them to their first  state title since 2009.

"Coach said it himself he’s never had a team this close," said senior Noah Taylor. "You know when one guy is down it seems like all of the others step up and fill his spot. We are all one big family."