Rainy Week: How Much Did We Get?

It rained, it poured, and the old man snored this past week. Last weekend we talked about several inches of rain being a likely possibility, and that was certainly the case.  Several rounds of rain from Sunday (Feb 18th) until Saturday (Feb 24th). Most folks picked up over 5 inches.

More Results:

Talihina:  8.87"

Westville:  7.77"

Cookson:  6.97"

Webber Falls:  6.90"

February Totals:

-Fort Smith

2018:  6.17 inches  |  Average:  2.34 inches


2018:  7.12 inches  |  Average:  2.37 inches

Did you see that powerful storm roll into Fort Smith on Saturday (Feb 24)?  Here's a timelapse from Pocola: