Crews Repair Potholes In Benton County After Unusual Amounts Of Rain

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Some much needed rainfall across our area has left some roads bumpy for drivers.

During last week's rain, six inches fell in Rogers alone. Potholes could be seen throughout the city, but crews have been out since early Monday morning repairing the roads.

“We just ask folks to be patient with us and to use caution when they are out there using the roads, especially after some extreme weather event. There may be some more lapse time before we can get to those road issues," Ben Cline with the City of Rogers said.

Cline said Stoney Brook and Bellview Roads were two of the streets with several potholes.

“These up and down temperatures, it really creates the perfect storm for potholes. When you’ve got it freezing and thawing, the road kind of expanding and contracting, it really does a lot of wear and tear and this is when we see the most potholes kind of around town and in the region," he said.

Cline said some roads need more than just a temporary fix and the city will have to go out and completely overlay those streets. He said they use a systematic approach.

“A lot of it depends on the age of road, how often it is used and how many issues it may of had before. So we overlay a lot of streets in Rogers and some of these that may have repeating pothole problems would eventually be added to the list to be overlaid.”

The potholes on Bellview Road will get a temporary fix because the entire road is in the middle of a widening project.

If you run into a pothole in Rogers that hasn't been repaired, you can report it on the city's website.

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